The company of NPS develops, manufactures, sells and services payment systems for petrol stations in the Scandinavian and Central European market. Furthermore, we provide general forecourt service. We employ about 100 employees, have our main office in Odense and local service branches in Jutland and on Zealand and a subsidiary in Sweden – NPS Service AB in Gothenburg with service branches in  Sweden. The rest of our markets are covered by professional collaborators.


Today, we have payment systems for our markets which comply with the EMV and PCI requirements.


 We provide products, systems, solutions and service to both public and private plants.


Solutions for petrol stations – we are the experts!


Our product range covers everything from terminals for 1 pump with 24 users to EMV and PCI approved payment terminals which may be stand-alone terminals or form part of large, complex configurations with their own specially developed software applications.

In addition to our own products, we can also deliver third party products from respected suppliers on the market. These product groups are pumps, level measuring equipment, price signs, cash register functions, etc.


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Development, Service and Production


Development, service and production are our core activities and the basis of our business.


We have a sound service network covering all of Denmark. Highly

qualified service technicians are ready to help you 24/7.


Our production is highly flexible and will be able to meet all special requirements very quickly.


The primary aim of our in-house development is to ensure a

continuous flow of new, innovative products.


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We have changed our name


City Elteknik A/S has changed its name to NPS A/S, Nordic Petrol Systems.


The reason is a wish to collect the Scandinavian companies under a common and more telling name.


City Elteknik A/S was founded in 1978 as a traditional electrical contractor's firm, but over the years its profile has changed to what we are today – a highly technological business which develops, produces, sells and services payment systems for petrol stations. 


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NPS A/S  -  Landbrugsvej 6  -  5260 Odense S  -  Denmark  -  Tel.: +45 6612 6412  -  Fax: +45 6613 6423  -  info@nps.dk