About NPS
About NPS


NPS A/S was founded by Erling Møller in 1977 under the name of City Elteknik A/S as a traditional electrical contractor's firm. But already from the beginning, the company focussed on the existing oil and petrol companies such as BP, Gulf and Chevron. The main expertise was in forecourt services, such as pump, note acceptors and payment terminals.


The business grew steadily. In 1993 the development department was established on the basis of the customers' enquiries and focus was exclusively on service, products and solutions for the oil and petrol companies. This turned out to be a huge success.


In 2006, City Elteknik A/S took over the Swedish firm of NPS Service AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. NPS Service AB is today a 100% owned subsidiary of NPS A/S with strong ties to the parent company. The focus of NPS Service is exclusively on the oil and petrol companies in Sweden. NPS Service AB today has about 40 employees with service branches in the southern and central part of Sweden.


In 2010, City Elteknik A/S changed its name to NPS A/S, Nordic Petrol Systems. The reason for this change of name was a wish to collect the Scandinavian companies under one common and more telling name. Today, NPS is an extremely healthy high-tech business which is continually establishing international branches – but still with focus on the development of products and solutions for the oil and petrol industry.


The NPS group develops, produces, sells and services payment systems for tank plants in the Scandinavian and Central European markets. In addition, we provide general forecourt services. We have payment systems for the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish markets which comply with the EMV and PCI requirements. And right now we are on our way with solutions for the Central European market. The NPS group has about 100 employees.


NPS A/S has its headquarters in Odense with both development, production, service and administration under the same roof, ensuring an efficient and productive business process. Today the NPS A/S branches in Odense, Randers and on Zealand have more than 40 employees in a fine balance between highly experienced technicians and dynamic young people. This expertise includes:

   • Service technicians

   • Software engineers

   • Computer developers

   • Electricians

   • Administration


The business concept is based on:

   • Development/innovation

     In-house development provides the opportunity of adapting products so

     that they comply with the customers' requirements and needs.

   • Manufacturing

     The in-house production is highly flexible and therefore quickly and easily

     able to meet special requirements and enquiries.

   • Service

     Feedback from our service department for both production and

     development helps to improve new products.