Gas Dispenser Tatsuno BMP 511 LPG & BMP 522 LPG


The LPG dispensers TATSUNO BENČ serve for dispensing of liquefied propanebutane (LPG) on fi lling stations for road vehicles. BMP 511/LPG SHARK dispensers are of one-sided or double-sided, single-hose design and BMP 522/LPG SHARK dispensers are of double-hose design; two cars can be fi lled simultaneously from both hoses.

The LPG dispensers are equipped by the high-quality Japan hydraulic system TATSUNO and by the reliable electronic calculator PDE (Czech Republic).

The LPG dispensers are operated both in the manual mode (i.e. off -line), and in the automatic mode, where the fuel dispenser is linked with the kiosk control system and the data concerning volume, sum and price are transmitted to POS. TATSUNO BENČ BG-16 console can be used for fuel dispenser controlling or the fuel dispensers can be connected directly to the filling station control system.